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An Abundance of Strawberries!

strawberries-closeupThis past weekend Kevin and I went strawberry picking at a local strawberry patch.  Oh my goodness, talk about the best breakfast ever!  We grabbed some coffee on our way to the patch then sat in the patch noshing on the most delicious berries.  I’m glad they don’t weigh you on the way out because I am sure we ate a couple pounds each!!

The first row we started picking was very abundant.  We picked some nice ripe strawberries and each had about two baskets filled.  We then went back for two more baskets each and started where we left off, which was about half way down the row.  The berries were ok.  Not as good as the beginning of the row and we figured out that it was because other strawberry pickers would start at the beginning of the row, pick half way down, then stop.  We would start at the end and pick our way towards the beginning, hence why this row was picked over already.

Kevin and I then decided to pick up our baskets and hit up another row a few down the line.  Holy jackpot!  You should have heard us in the patch “oh, my look at the size of this” and “wow, that is giant” or “can you believe how big this one is?” and “oh my gosh, this is the best thing I have ever put in my mouth!”.  Were we in a berry patch or elsewhere?  GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER!!!

We finished picking with Kevin practically dragging me out of the patch.  “Just one more, please?'”  I begged.  “Keep walking, keep walking…don’t look down…keep walking”, he would say.  We loaded up the Jeep and headed home.

strawberry-picking(These baskets are only half full because we dumped out the other half into other containers so they would not smash on the way home.  There are more strawberries in my house too!)



Once we unloaded, I took a picture of all of our berries and weighed them out.  We ended up with close to 50 pounds of berries!!!  When life hands you strawberries, what do you make?  No, not strawberry daiquiris, but that sounds good….strawberry jam!!  So all afternoon I prepped for jam making and spent my Sunday canning and freezing strawberry jam.


I also made a fabulous strawberry layer cake, strawberry pie, and of course…chocolate covered strawberries.  These recipes as well as the recipe for canning and freezing jam are to follow the rest of the week.

strawberry-cake-4To find a strawberry patch in your area or other produce, visit: or visit your classified section of your local newspaper.


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