Warm weather + long days = late blogging

Has it really been over a month?  Kevin just asked me the other day how the blog was.  Well, let’s see…we have been super busy, so updating the blog had been moved to the back burner.   It isn’t that I haven’t been making plenty of yummy meals or desserts…I have.  The fact of the matter is that it has been SO nice outside lately and has been staying light for so much longer at night that the last thing I have wanted to do is plop in front of the computer.  If you personally know me, you know how much I love to workout!  It is like eating great food.  I like it so much and I can never get enough of those endorphins.  Could you say that I am obsessed?  So now that we have this lovely spring weather + more daylight + swimsuit season approaching = running outside!

So to fill you in on the past month or so of our lives I will post many updates including our Easter (or lack of since I went to L.A.) as well as pictures from Kevin’s surprise 30th birthday party!  Yep, I surprised him.  After 3 months of planning too!!  Enjoy the pictures and the recipes that are to come in additional posts.

kevins-surprise-entranceYes his eyes are closed.  You gotta love my crappy camera. I mean, it functions, but there is a lag when you hit the button so “in motion” shots just don’t happen.  I need a better camera soon 😦

kevin-shawns-cake My wonderful sister- in-law Shawn and Kevin have the same birthday.  She is not 30 yet, but we will get her!  They shared this “dual” birthday cake made by Judy, who also made Shawn’s wedding cake.   Isn’t it beautiful?



I also made a couple of cheesecakes for the party.  Bailey’s Irish Cream with drizzled chocolate on the bottom and vanilla bean on the top. I was disappointed in the vanilla bean.  Oh well, that is what you get for trying a new recipe!


Lastly, here is the food spread for the party.  It included coleslaw, potato salad, chili cheese dip, broccoli salad, veggies, dip, buns, corn muffins, and fruit.  There is BBQ chicken drumsticks hiding under the foil to stay warm and I have pulled pork BBQ, macaroni and cheese as well as baked beans behind me on the counter.

The party was fantastic and everyone had a great time.  I think we ended up with about 50 people in attendance. Kevin was shocked that I had invited so many of his friends from high school and college.  Thanks to Nick and Jared I was able to track everyone down.  Kevin’s sister Katy even flew in from NY as a surprise.  I think this shocked him the most.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this day so special and for all of your hard work and ability to keep it a secret for so long!


2 Responses to “Warm weather + long days = late blogging”

  1. 1 Laura April 30, 2009 at 7:39 pm

    Hope they both had a great birthday! : )

  2. 2 lil nicki May 27, 2009 at 10:05 pm

    Ha Ha! Kevin is funny in this picture!

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