Brown Butter Banana Cake

banana-cake-with-brown-butter-frostingWell actually, the cake is really a yogurt banana cake with brown butter cream cheese frosting, but I think that is too long of a title.  Don’t you?  This cake is amazing!  I have been making this cake for as long as I can remember.  It so simple and quick.  Perfect for any last minute events or even brunch!  With bananas turning brown by the day, this was the perfect solution and delicious too.

Yogurt Banana Cake with Brown Butter Cream Cheese Frosting

Cake Ingredients

1 1/2 c. sugar

1 c. plain yogurt

1/2 c. butter, softened

2 eggs

3 large bananas ( I used 5 small), mashed

2 tsp. vanilla extract

2 1/4 c. all purpose flour

1 tsp. salt

1 tsp. baking soda

1/2 c. chopped pecans, toasted


Combine sugar and butter in the bowl of mixer fitted with paddle attachment.  Mix on medium speed until just creamed.  Add in mashed banana and yogurt. Continue to mix until well incorporated. (There will be chunks of banana.  This is okay.)  Add in eggs and vanilla until just combined.  Remove bowl from mixer.  Fold in flour, salt, baking soda, & nuts by hand until just incorporated and you  no longer see streaks of flour.  Over mixing the batter will cause the cake to be tough.

Bake in greased 13×9 pan for 20- 25 minutes or until toothpick or knife comes out clean. Cool.


Brown Butter Cream Cheese Frosting

Frosting Ingredients

4 Tbsp. butter, unsalted

2 1/2 c. powdered sugar

3.5 ounces cream cheese, softened

1 tsp. vanilla extract

milk, as needed

1/2 c. chopped pecans, toasted


Fill your sink with ice water to cool your pot in after browning your butter. In a small saucepan on medium low heat melt the unsalted butter.  Continue to watch your butter very carefully, stirring as needed.  You will notice the milk solids will form a foam on top of the clarified butter then sink to the bottom of the pot.  Once they have started to sink to the bottom they will begin to brown very quickly.  When the milk solids have reached a toasted brown, but not burnt color, immediately set your hot pot in your ice water to stop the cooking process.  Pour butter & browned solids into mixing bowl.

brown-butter-cream-cheese-frostingTo the mixing bowl add the cream cheese, powdered sugar, and vanilla.  Mix with whisk attachment on low speed.  Add milk one teaspoon at a time until desired consistency is achieved.

Once your cake has cooled, frost with your icing & sprinkle with toasted pecans.  Enjoy!


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