Solvang, CA

While visiting my sister in California over Thanksgiving, we took an overnight trip up to Solvang, CA.  This cute little German town looks as if it was taken out right out of a story book.  It is actually located about 2 miles away from another small town where the movie “Sideways” was filmed.  Being a wine lover, this was the perfect trip for me.  We stopped at many vineyards along the way and also tasted many wines at small shops located in Solvang.  One of the last places that we tasted at was a vineyard called “Firestone”.   At first I did not think anything of the name, but Kevin had sworn that he had heard it before.  I knew we had not bought any wines from this vineyard before so it could not be from a bottle label.  Then Kevin asked one of guys at the bar about the name “Firestone”.  It turns out that one of the previous “Bachelor’s” on ABC actually owned the vineyard.  How is it that my husband remembers this irrelevant information but he cannot remember whether or not I want a chocolate or vanilla shake (that is another story for another time)?  We ended up tasting about 12 different types of wine and walked out with 3 bottles.  Mmmm…wine.

While walking around Solvang we also discovered many bakeries with traditional German pastries and desserts.  One bakery that we walked into had a life size gingerbread house complete with lights!gingerbread-house-1This bakery smelled so good!

gingerbread-house-2Kevin, standing next to the gingerbread house just to show you how big it really was.

gingerbread-housesThey also had some small gingerbread houses, just in case you couldn’t get the big one into your car.


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  1. 1 Ady February 22, 2009 at 12:07 am

    That looks like fun to make!

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